Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

Title: An interplay between mass-transfer limitation and physiological adaptation determines turnover of organic micropollutants in the environment

Dr. Kankana Kundu is a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Martin Elsner’s research group -Environmental Organic Isotope Chemistry at Helmholtz Research Centre, Munich, Germany. Since 2014 she is leading the execution of a part of the ERC project “MicroDegrade” which aims to reveal the bottlenecks of the degradation of pollutants at a low (µg/L) concentration. She is one of the research fellows selected by Helmholtz Research Association for a future leadership role in science. After her masters and bachelors in Biochemical Engineering, she did her Ph.D. at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India focussing on energy and resource recovery from organic waste streams. Her research covers a wide range of cross-disciplinary skills - starting from process engineering to omics techniques. She is passionate about translating the research outcome to sustainable technology to speed up the transition towards a circular economy.