Yale University, USA

Title: Mapping human microbiome drug metabolism by gut bacteria and their gene products

Michael Zimmermann is an SNSF and EMBO postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Andrew Goodman’s laboratory at Yale University. Michael received a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Basel University and a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from the Ecole Superiérieur en Biotechnologie in Strasbourg. He worked with Dr. Michael Fischbach and Prof. Jon Clardy at Harvard University and UC San Francisco studying secondary metabolism of human-associated microbes. He subsequently performed his Ph.D. work with Prof. Uwe Sauer at ETH Zurich, where he developed metabolomics and Systems Biology approaches to study microbial metabolism in the context of host-pathogen interactions. In his recent projects, Michael investigates how the human gut microbiome contributes to drug metabolism, which can result in interpersonal variation of patients’ drug response and toxicity. He has developed approaches to systematically map microbial drug transformations and to quantitatively separate microbial and host drug metabolism in vivo through combination of bacterial genetics, metabolomics, gnotobiotic mouse work and mathematical modeling.