CSIC, Spain

Tentative title: How environmental bacteria invent new reactions—and how we can capitalize on them

TUM, Germany

Tentative title: Understanding microbial bio-transformation of contaminants in natural and engineered systems: The past, present and future

University of Toronto, Canada

Tentative title: Metagenomics of anaerobic microbial consortia

Eawag, Switzerland

Tentative title: Linking micropollutant bio transformation with microbial community characteristics in activated sludge (and beyond).

Eawag, Switzerland

Tentative title: Emerging analytical tools have boosted bio-transformation research

University of Oxford, UK

Tentative title: Development and applications of simple cells (SimCells) as reprogrammable cellular machinery

TUM, Germany

Tentative title: New treatment concepts to take advantage of functionally-modified microbial communities for enhanced biotransformation of trace organic chemicals

University of Thessaly, Greece

Tentative title: Using multiomic approaches to dissect the genetic network driving pesticides biodegradation by individual bacteria and bacterial consortia

Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany

Tentative title: An interplay between mass-transfer limitation and physiological adaptation determines turnover of organic micropollutants in the environment

University of Michigan, USA

Tentative title: Teasing out the influence of Water, Sanitation and Food on the Childhood Microbiome: A Case Study from Addis Ababa Ethiopia

University of Bayreuth, Germany

Tentative title: Stable isotope-guided omics to dissect pollutant-degrading microbiomes in the water cycle

Aalborg University, Denmark

Tentative title: New functional genes involved in degradation of micropollutants

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Tentative title: Microbial bio-transformation of synthetic polymers in agricultural soils: Development of analytical tools to advance a mechanistic process understanding

University of Minnesota, USA

Tentative title: Biodegradation prediction and utility

University of Hong Kong, HK

Tentative title: Metagenomics Insights into microbial bio-transformation of environmental pollutants

Yale University, USA

Tentative title: Mapping human microbiome drug metabolism by gut bacteria and their gene products